Welcome to Cyber Intel Service, a premier Cyber Crime Investigation Company founded by former members of the US Intelligence Community and US Law Enforcement. Our team specializes in cyber threat detection, cyber intelligence, and dark web investigations. We are also proud to provide our expertise in critical and emerging areas of cyber technology.

At Cyber Intel Service, we extend our specialized services to Aviation Flight Simulation systems and flight training, UAS technology design and training, and counter-UAS strategies. Under our CIS LABS division, we develop innovative solutions in ISR training and consulting, as well as custom training systems, to meet specific security needs.

Our cyber investigators are fluent in various native languages and are strategically embedded in all corners of the world, enhancing our ability to conduct thorough and efficient cyber investigations globally. This unique capability allows us to understand the digital culture of various regions, enabling effective communication and information search in multiple languages.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, customized, and cutting-edge cyber investigations for our clients. Within all these areas, we strive to offer a more tailored and strategic solution, ensuring timely and accurate results while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Let us join you in embracing the future of cyber security and defense technology.

Our Expertise

Solution For Business Challenges

Cyber Threat Detection

Identifying and responding to security breaches by using specialized tools and techniques that can detect vulnerabilities or malicious activity within an organization’s digital infrastructure.

Cyber Intelligence

Collecting, analyzing, and utilizing information about the evolving cyber threat landscape to inform decision-making and improve the security posture of an organization or nation-state.

Dark Web Investigations

Gathering and analyzing information from hidden online marketplaces, forums, and websites to identify illegal activities and apprehend their perpetrators.

Cyber Incident response

Identifying and responding to security breaches in order to minimize the damage and quickly restore normal operations. We help detect and analyze attacks.

Digital forensics

Collecting, analyzing, and preserving electronic data in a forensically sound manner to investigate and establish evidence of a cybercrime or other digital incident.

Cybertracking Targets

Encompasses the use of specialized software and advanced techniques to monitor and analyze the digital activities of specific individuals, groups, or entities across online platforms.

Big Name Customers

Why Customers Choose Us


Our company is chosen by customers for our unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity and threat detection. With our team comprising former intelligence community members and law enforcement officials, we have extensive knowledge and experience in detecting and preventing cyber threats. This ensures that our customers’ security needs are in safe hands and that they can expect a quick and effective response to any threat.

We are a global company

 Customers choose us for our global presence, with employees located around the world who speak various languages natively. This enables us to provide tailored solutions to our customers, regardless of their location. Our customers can rely on us to provide support in their local language and time zone, giving them peace of mind that their security needs are being handled by professionals who understand their unique requirements.

Cutting-edge technology

Our company is at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent cyber threats. This ensures that our customers’ data is protected against the most sophisticated threats, and that we can respond to threats quickly and efficiently. By using the latest technology available, we ensure that our customers’ systems are safeguarded against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Professional network

Our team comprises professionals with extensive networks in the cybersecurity industry. This gives us an advantage in terms of access to information, tools, and resources that can help us detect and prevent cyber threats more effectively. Our customers benefit from the added value of our professional network, as we can provide them with a broader perspective on cybersecurity and access to the latest industry trends and best practices.

We are proud to announce that Cyber Intel Service is certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, reflecting our commitment to supporting veterans and our ability to provide top-quality products and services to our clients. This certification also allows us to participate in government programs that promote diversity and provide opportunities for businesses like ours to succeed.

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